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06/09/2017: World Ocean Council Sustainable Ocean Summit 2017: first key speakers announced

Organised by the World Ocean Council (WOC), the Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) is the only international ocean business event to provide a yearly review of status and trends in ocean economic activity

The 5th edition will be held in Halifax, Canada, 29 Nov – 1 Dec 2017 with the theme “The Ocean Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 14): Business Leadership and Business Opportunities”.

Over three days, through plenaries, workshops, and several parallel sessions, SOS 2017 attendees will explore a range of maritime cross-sector topics such as: marine pollution, ocean industry projections and the future of the ocean economy, climate change and ocean acidification, sustainable fishing and aquaculture. The SOS 2017 lineup features high-level representatives from all the sectors of the Ocean Business Community.

Key Speakers
The World Ocean Council is proud to present some of the key confirmed speakers of the 2017 Sustainable Ocean Summit:

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World Ocean Council

Gary Gysin,
CEO, Liquid Robotics

Capt Vinay Patwardhan,
COO, Tai Chong Cheang (TCC) Steamship Co. (H.K.) Limited

Ian Smith,
CEO, Clearwater Seafoods

 Mike Utsler,
COO, Woodside Energy

 Wendy Watson Wright,
CEO, Ocean Frontier Institute

To view other key speakers click, HERE.

Up to date program
The theme of this upcoming edition is “The Ocean Sustainable Development Goal (SDG 14): Business Leadership and Business Opportunities”.

The international ocean business community will meet at the SOS 2017 to advance leadership and collaboration in developing industry-driven solutions to ocean sustainable development challenges.

The SOS 2017 theme recognises:
• The growth of the Ocean Economy and its contribution to the food, energy, transport, communications and other needs of society as part of the U.N. SDG process/Agenda 2030 
• The role of the Ocean Business Community over the next 15 years, and beyond, in ensuring ocean sustainable development.

View the updated program, HERE

Get to know the Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS)
It is the only international ocean business event to provide a yearly review of status and trends in ocean economic activity. It is organised by the World Ocean Council (WOC).

The SOS is uniquely designed to bring together leadership companies from the diverse Ocean Business Community: shipping, oil and gas, fisheries, aquaculture, seabed mining, tourism, renewable energy, ports, dredging, mining, submarine cables, marine science, engineering and technology, the maritime legal, financial and insurance communities, and others – as well as ocean stakeholders from the government, inter-governmental, academic and environment communities.

Last year, the Sustainable Ocean Summit was held in Rotterdam. Over 200 participants gathered to discuss the role of the ocean business community in addressing critical marine environment and sustainability challenges.

SOS 2016 brought together a wide range of industries involved in the use of marine space and marine resources. Attendees were primarily high-ranking executives and senior environment and sustainability officers from the Ocean Business Community.

Representatives of international organisations, government agencies, and academic research institutions were also in attendance. The theme of SOS 2016 was “Ocean 2030: Sustainable Development Goals and the Ocean Business Community”.

The conference sought to build on the highly successful discussions held at SOS 2010 in Belfast, SOS 2013 in Washington DC and SOS 2015 in Singapore.

Please find here a weblink to the SOS 2016 Report Executive Summary.

More information on the Sustainable Ocean Summit website, HERE.

Get to know the World Ocean Council (WOC)
It is the only international, cross-sectoral alliance for private sector leadership and collaboration in “Corporate Ocean Responsibility”. Companies worldwide are distinguishing themselves as leaders in ocean sustainability, stewardship and science by joining the WOC.

 Members to date include more than 70 leadership companies from a wide range of ocean industries. The WOC network includes nearly 35,000 ocean industry stakeholders around the world. With the growing use of marine areas for an increasing variety of commercial interests there are increasingly complex risks of environmental impacts, conflicts in the use of marine space and resources, and the development of policies and regulations that did not have sufficient industry input.

The best efforts by a single company or whole industry sector will not be able to address these challenges and opportunities. The WOC brings together ocean industries to address shared environmental concerns, more effectively engage in ocean policy and planning, and develop science-based solutions to cross-cutting environmental challenges that cannot be solved by one company or industry - all in support of responsible business, reduced risk, continued access, and sustainable development.

Practical Information 
29 November - 1 December 2017 Marriott Halifax Harbourfront 1919 Upper Water St., Halifax, Canada 

Visit the World Ocean Council website, HERE.

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