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22/09/2017: Troutex and Riverence form a strategic alliance

The Riverence team - Image courtesy of Riverence 
Danish trout egg producer, Troutex, and USA egg producer, Riverence, have agreed to a strategic alliance. The news was announced at the United States Trout Farmers Association Trade Show, held in Twin Falls, Idaho USA, on September 21st to 23rd.

 The companies were drawn to one another because of their mutual, generational heritage in farming and agriculture. Troutex was founded by a fourth-generation trout breeder / farmer, bringing a long history of hands-on experience and methodology to the table. Similarly, Riverence was co-founded by a fourth-generation cattle breeder / rancher, who offers unique perspective and mature breeding principles from the cattle industry.

 The two companies, which have been working together for many years, see undeniable synergies in several areas, including:

 A joint approach to breeding will prove extremely beneficial for both companies. Riverence has shown remarkable results in its breeding program in a very short amount of time, due to its highly experienced team of fish experts. Troutex has developed its own breeding program based on known methods from the mink and poultry industry, in cooperation with an expert in genetics.

 Hans Jørn Holm, Director of Troutex adds: “We see that Riverence has mastered the difficult discipline of applying science to real life. At Troutex, we have been actively working with our own well-proven breeding program with great success. American R&D programs and methodologies are very different from the European approach. With knowledge from multiple continents, both companies strengthen our focus on improving the performance and hardiness of our strains.”

 Quality, customer service and supply chain dependability:
 With multiple sites in the USA, Northern Ireland and Denmark, both biosecurity and supply chain dependability are increased. Troutex and Riverence share a commitment to egg consistency and quality assurance, with a deep focus on customer service. The companies’ diverse selection of species and strains will make it possible to reach even more customers with the right eggs.

 Product range and markets:
 In trials, Riverence strains have performed significantly better on both survival and growth, when compared to other strains in the U.S. market today. Additionally, Riverence has the ability to breed to a farmer’s specific needs, contributing high pedigree Pacific Steelhead, Pacific Coho Salmon, Golden Rainbow Trout, and fresh water-proven Atlantic Salmon eggs.

 Troutex provides multiple fast growing Rainbow Trout strains, from small portion size to late maturing, large Steelhead strains. The strains have been selected over a period of more than three decades. Troutex sells eggs to more than 30 countries worldwide, opening doors for the alliance.

 Together, as multi-generational farmers and ranchers, Troutex and Riverence look forward to working with and supporting customers around the world.

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