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13/09/2017: Factory of the Future 2017 in Belgium operates with Dinnissen mixers

Nuscience’s new factory in Ghent for producing premixes, young animal feed and specialties, has been named as this year’s "Factory of the Future 4.0”

A prestigious prize, which is being awarded to future-oriented manufacturers that meet the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. 

On the facade it can be seen that
Nuscience is proud of the title
Image credit: Dinnissen
What’s remarkable is that almost all of the production capacity of 10,000 tonnes per month is achieved using 11 Dinnissen mixers with a variety of specifications. The plant was commissioned at the end of 2015 to replace the locations in Baasrode and Drongen.

Chris Mercier, COO of the Nuscience Group on the reason for this, "We are constantly looking for opportunities to lower costs, improve product quality even further, while simultaneously increasing the efficiency and flexibility of production. We were unable to optimise further in the two old plants, particularly owing to the constraints of the buildings and layout of the factories. This investment significantly reduces our operating costs."

The Nuscience plant in Ghent has to be a real all-rounder in terms of production techniques and end products. A complete range of 'young animal nutrition' under the name Nutrition4U leaves the factory daily, as well as many premixes.

Nuscience works with 350 different types of raw materials and more than 2,000 current recipes.

Chris Mercier, “In terms of production, we are effectively unlimited: all kinds of different products, with solid and liquid additives. We have nine separate mixing lines; this in order to prevent contamination. These nine mixing lines each have their own specifications and they also have the benefit of overcapacity. This enables us to respond adeptly to peaks and toughs in demand.”

Two of the Pegasus® mixers: two dual-shaft mixers with 1750 litres capacity
Image credit: Dinnissen

The Dinnissen mixers are also tailored to this in terms of capacity and specific characteristics. There are 11 mixers set up with capacities ranging from 400 to 2400 litres. One of the mixers is made of manganese steel and is used especially for abrasive materials; others are made of 304 or 316 stainless steel.

Since there is a whole a range of options for the Pegasus® mixers, there is always a suitable version to be set up.

The choice for Dinnissen mixers is evident to Chris Mercier, "Our experience with Dinnissen mixers is such that it was immediately clear that we also wanted to have them in the new plant. The well-thought-out concept and the solid design, work excellently in practice and the mixers are extremely reliable. We are already familiar with the operational costs in terms of maintenance and cleaning and have of course included these in our considerations.”

Visit the Dinnissen website, HERE.

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