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07/02/2018: Evonik receives pharmaceutical approvals for hydrogen peroxide for salmon farming

With ASPERIX® Vet Evonik offers an environmentally benign product against sea lice for use in Salmon aquaculture in northern Europe. Evonik has been granted approval (marketing authorisation) for this product for the United Kingdom, Norway and Iceland.

ASPERIX® Vet is manufactured at Evonik’s production site in Antwerp, Belgium. The site obtained the relevant manufacturing authorisation and the GMP license at the end of 2016. Evonik distributes the product exclusively in the above countries via its sales partner Helm Skandinavien AS, who will act as pharmaceutical wholesaler.

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Dr Christoph Batz-Sohn, Marketing Director for aquaculture in Evonik’s Active Oxygens Business Line, explains, “With the distribution of ASPERIX® Vet, the Business Line is taking its first steps in this industry. We are working on additional projects to make our environmentally benign technology usable for aquaculture.” 

Since 2013, Helm has been the market leader in the distribution of chemicals for preservation and further processing of by-products of the fish industry. The infrastructure in the Nordic countries and the logistical capabilities are first-class and make Helm an ideal partner for Evonik. With the addition of ASPERIX® Vet to the range, Helm strengthens the market position further in this continuously growing and important segment.

Lars Storm of Helm Skandinavien says, “Evonik is an ideal partner for us as we can rely on their many years of experience and their reliable supply chain. The new ASPERIX® Vet is an important add-on to the current product portfolio of Helm Skandinavien A/S. With our ties to the Scandinavian fish industry, we are a strong partner in the Northern European business.”

Hydrogen peroxide is used successfully as a parasiticide against sea lice in salmon farming. It is an environmentally benign alternative to special insecticides because, following treatment of the fish, it breaks down completely into water and oxygen. The fish can be harvested directly following treatment and there is absolutely no risk with regard to residues and human consumption.

“With its activity in this sector, Evonik supports the responsibility of the industry with regard to sustainability,” says Susanne Reinhart, general manager Active Oxygens EMEA. “In the effort to feed the growing world population, sustainable aquaculture is becoming increasingly important and it contributes to curbing the wild catch and overfishing of the world’s seas.”

ASPERIX® Vet can be obtained from Helm immediately. It extends Evonik’s portfolio of specialised hydrogen peroxide products, which are marketed in many diverse industries and applications under the brand names HYPROX®, OXTERIL®, PERSYNT® and CLARMARIN®.

Evonik is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of hydrogen peroxide. 13 production sites worldwide and an annual capacity of approx. 950,000 metric tons ensure optimal deliveries of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2).

For more information visit the Evonik website, HERE.

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