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23/02/2018: Minimising emissions in water through putting a value on ‘sludge’ in the aquaculture industry

Sorbwater Technology has developed a suite of completely biodegradable solutions for industrial, high-performance water-treatment applications. The solutions are particularly suitable for the oil and gas industry as well as aquaculture.

Through using the Sorbwater technology, utilising natural alginates, total particle emissions from aquaculture facilities are significantly reduced. Used in combination with Blue Ocean Technology’s organic filter, the combined heavy metal and particle content in the sludge is reduced by up to 90 percent.

Consequently, the nutritious aquaculture biomass waste (food leftover and excrements/faeces) may be transformed to fertiliser. Unlike various thermic solutions, Blue Ocean Technology enables turning aquaculture sludge into a resource.

Floating solids in wastewater are captured by Sorbwater’s green flocculation chemical – Sorbfloc – and other filters. The wastewater is filtered through lamella plates and then through a special type of dried peat moss imported from Canada. Blue Ocean Technology chief executive Jan Henning Legreid said the moss took 30 days to absorb water, compared to 24 hours for other mosses, a quality that benefited the process.

He added that use of the lamella plates to capture much of the sludge meant the moss only needed to be changed every fourth week, rather than twice a week.

International perspective

Svein Egil Steen, CEO, Sorbwater Technology remarked, “We are delighted to have been chosen as Blue Ocean’s partner. It further strengthens our position as a supplier of green technology into this segment. The deal will also help to put us on the map in the fast-growing global fish-farming and aquaculture markets” He continued, “We will provide our green flocculation chemical – Sorbfloc – and separation technology to Blue Ocean Technology, for use in the global aquaculture market.”

Norwegian Innovation in key aquaculture markets
Jan Henning Legreid explained, Aquaculture and fish farming are increasingly vital industries for Norway, indeed the world, moving forward. We are extremely happy to be working with our trusted and valued partner Sorbwater Technology in such an exciting area, bringing Norwegian innovation to these important markets.”

He summarised, “Our technologies and know-how combined truly show that green solutions can be profitable solutions. And in addition to turning waste into a resource, it enables the production of larger biomasses – as the restricting factor tends to be the waste emission quota.”

Although currently based in Norway, Mr Henning said that his company had plans to promote the technology in Scotland, Canada and Chile.

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