Wednesday, February 21, 2018

22/02/2018: Improving salmon production in fish farms using light

by Kristoffer Lindback Larsen, Evolys, Norway

Light as an element is equally important and foundational for life on earth, as for example air and water. However, in our eyes, light is the most important of these crucial elements that we replace and produce with artificial human technology

Evolys is a Norwegian company, working to understand how light affects the salmon photoreceptive cells and biology, and how light can be used to improve production of salmon in fish farms. This work is done in cooperation with the leading Norwegian fish farmers and research institutes.

Our goal is to use this science and knowledge to develop, manufacture and supply science-based products and solutions for optimal fish farming and production of salmon.

We see a robust and clear line between relevant literature, research projects, practical trials and the result of our solutions being used by several of the larger Norwegian fish farmers.

We have also learned that every project has its unique parameters, which will also affect the light technical requirements, for an optimal result. This also meaning that results we manage to achieve through light in one project, will not necessarily be possible to transfer to another project, without understanding these parameters and making the changes that are needed.

Evolys is also build on strong idealistic and humanitarian values, which has its foundation in the core of the company strategy. Our commercial goal is to use science to create the best possible solutions and products, with optimal performance, and also making these available for as many users as possible, through a decent and fair profit margin on the material and production cost of the luminaires. After our experience, we are succeeding with this, also with our products being produced in Norway, through an innovative and cost efficient business model.

As a case study and example of our work, we have recently through the most robust and controlled environment practical trial so far, in a modern land based post smolt fish farm in Norway, seen a linear improvement in growth and feed factor, by changing important light technical parameters. As we moved closer and closer against these given parameters, we could see a linear improvement, reaching as an average in the three rounds these trials were repeated, more than five percent increased growth and more than 10 percent improved feeding factor. The most positive with this project was also that we could find the results in line with our hypothesis every time individually, minimising the chance of other and unknown parameters causing or affecting the results.

Read the full article, HERE.

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