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13/04/2018: Current market sizes for fishmeal across farmed fish species

by Dr Neil Auchterlonie, Technical Director, IFFO 

We were very pleased to welcome to the IFFO office in London this week the new IFFO President, Eduardo Goycoolea from Chile. 
Eduardo is the President of IFFO over the 2018-2019 period, and it was a great opportunity to review our work and think strategically about the future for IFFO and the global fishmeal and fish oil industry for that period and beyond. Eduardo has been in the industry for many years and has previously held the position of President, jointly with Helge Korsager, when IFFO was created from the predecessor organisations FEO and IFOMA in 2001, so he brings a wealth of understanding and knowledge to the strategic planning that is so important for a trade body.

One interesting discussion looked at the current market size for fishmeal across the farmed fish species. There is an assumption that the farming of salmonids takes the biggest proportion of fishmeal allocated to aquaculture, but actually it is interesting to look at the data. An analysis of figures for 2016, the last year for which IFFO has complete data at this point, shows that the allocation to shrimp feed was 941,000 tonnes, and that to salmonids was 730,000 tonnes.

Another way to put it is to say that the amount going to salmonid feed is a little over three quarters that allocated to shrimp. The next closest species group in 2016 was the freshwater species, taking a total of 446,000 tonnes of fishmeal, a surprising quantity for a species that has comparatively low inclusion rates in feed but with a volume of production that clearly carries a significant impact on global fishmeal supply. Other groups such as the carps, eels, marine species and tilapias varied between 116,000 tonnes and 278,000 tonnes total usage in 2016.

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