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30/04/2018: Using ‘handhelds’ in measuring electrochemical and physical values in fish farms

by GRYF, Manufacturer of Electronic Measuring Instruments, Czech Republic

Reliable sensors and systems are necessary with either land-based aquaculture or in ponds and offshore. 

Image credit: GRYF
Farming on land requires accurate and stable measurements of oxygen, temperature and CO2 levels. With accurate information from the necessary technology, including; environmental information, stress, disease and overfeeding, the fish mortality rates can be at least lessened if not avoided completely.

Oxygen levels below fish welfare and limit of tolerance will yield poor production results due to lower appetite and feeding utilisation. Temperature is also an important physiological parameter for the fish-stock as it has been noted that they have the best appetitie when the temperature conditions are optimal – good current conditions will ensure a supply of fresh, oxygen-rich seawater.

GRYF – providing solutions for water monitoring and optimal farming
Company GRYF HB has over 25 years of history, having been founded in 1990 by the company CEO and owner Mr Vaclav Navratil. As of now, company GRYF is family run business apart from the company owner employing another family member in managerial positions.

Its first focus was to manufacture small handhelds for aquarists measuring electrochemical and physical values such as pH, oxygen, conductivity, ORP. Over the following years the GRYF extended its product range for industrial measuring systems. These systems have been installed in hundreds of different type of application such as process controls, chemical dosing, oxygen dosing and many others. Due to the high standard and reliability these systems are preferred amongst our customers.

The motto of the organisation is “Innovation, tradition and reliability”. Proof of the success of this can be seen with the supply of products to the University of Defence, NBC Defence Institute, which protect and measure lethal substances permeation.

From standard industrial measuring and control systems the very robust system XBase has been developed. The XBase system is manufactured as portable units, laboratory system or industrial system. Thanks to its many features the system can be used with no further changes to control complete applications such as fish farms, industrial application (brewery, swimming pools, galvanic applications, laboratory fermenters and many others).

Optical oxygen sensors
The sensor (XB4-S) is capable of operating in both salt and fresh water conditions, and is designed to be partnered with industrial, laboratory and portable quality measuring and control systems. It can be retro fitted to most existing systems with no further modifications needed, saving time and money when checking water quality in fish farms.

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