Monday, April 30, 2018

Geelen Counterflow company profile

Since 1980, Geelen Counterflow exclusively designs, builds and installs counterflow dryers and coolers for feed and food products.

Inventor of the Counterflow Cooler & Counterflow Dryer. Worldwide market leader, references in more than 100 countries. Aiming for highest food safety standards, best energy efficiency and lowest Total Cost of Ownership. Striving to eliminate negative environmental impacts from their operations and from their customer's drying and cooling processes. All R&D and manufacturing in Haelen, the Netherlands. Sales & service offices in Europe, North- and Latin America and Asia.


Long term success in the relationship with their customers leads to long term success for their company and its stakeholders. They strongly prefer slow solid growth over fast opportunities.

Geelen Counterflow minimise the waste of time, materials and energy, both in their own processes and for customers. They minimise the environmental footprint of their operations and those of their customers.

Geelen Counterflow take their responsibilities seriously and they expect their suppliers and employees to take theirs serious as well. They are fully responsible for the effects of their activities on the community and the environment.

Geelen Counterflow are a healthy family business with no involvement of external shareholders, banks or financial institutions. To guarantee continued independence they spread their activities over multiple applications, continents and customers.

Focusing on counterflow drying and cooling for feed and food leads to superior know-how, quality and service. Their market leadership is the result of their in-house research & development, listening carefully to their customers, continuous improvement and worldwide sales and service network. Their specialisation allows us to work with facts, measurements and calculations, rather than assumptions.

Visit the Geelen Counterflow website, HERE.

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