Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cooke, Irving plan subdivision for flood victims of Charlotte County

Two large companies in Charlotte County are teaming up on a proposal to build a subdivision in St. George to help families left homeless by the December floods. A report by Cooke Aquaculture, J.D. Irving Ltd. and the Town of St. George will go before town council on Monday night. Glenn Cooke, the chief executive officer of Cooke Aquaculture, has seen first-hand the 21 homes in St. George that are now uninhabitable.

"There are houses destroyed and they're living in a hotel room … and having no home is a pretty ugly situation," Cooke said. Cooke Aquaculture was in the middle of the flood-relief response in December, offering the company's boats and staff to get people out of their flooded homes.

Now, Cooke said, his company has teamed up with J.D. Irving to build momentum for a new subdivision of modular or mini-homes for those 21 families. Cooke said it's a US$2 million undertaking, with the cost and groundwork split between the two companies, the provincial government and other fund raising efforts. If the project is approved by the local council, Cooke said, construction could start this week. Read more...

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