Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sanford confident about aquaculture after buying Pacifica

Sanford says it has a strong position in aquaculture after buying Pacifica Seafoods and two initiatives with partners will help the industry grow. Sanford's acquisition of Pacifica Seafoods' Greenshell and Pacific Oyster business for NZ$85 million last year combined the two biggest industry participants.

"Leadership roles are not easily achieved or sustained and while such a role may become ours, the primary task ahead is to set and act by example and to influence and reconcile the best long-term and wider interests of the industry with those of the many individuals for whom mussel farming is the primary interest," chairman Bruce Cole told the annual meeting.

He said aquaculture was an important, if not essential, complement to the company's wild fishing interests. Managing director Eric Barratt outlined two developments in aquaculture which the company is expecting government approval for in the very near future. The first is a plan to domesticate and selectively breed New Zealand shellfish, particularly greenshell mussels in partnership with Sealord, Wakatu Incorporation and the Government. Read more...

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