Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Aquaculture field day to focus on raising coldwater fish species

A workshop is being planned for later this spring to unveil new research and advances in the culture of coldwater species of fish. The program is being held June 8-9 at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point's Northern Aquaculture Demonstration Facility near Red Cliff. Sponsored by University of Wisconsin Steven Point (UWSP), UW-Extension, UW-Madison/Aquaculture Program, and the Wisconsin Aquaculture Association, the event will take a closer look at fish like arctic char, coho salmon, Atlantic salmon, and rainbow trout.

Coldwater fish nutrition and health will be addressed as well as flow-through and recycle systems technology, pond management, water quality, and various lighting strategies for coldwater species culture. Speakers will include experts in coldwater species culture from around the country, including Steven Summerfelt, Chris Good, Brian Vinci and John Davidson Bill Wolters and many more. Read more ...

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