Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vertical integration key to sea cucumber success

Large numbers of larvae of the sea cucumber (Australostichopus mollis) have settled in the intensive settlement system at the Ahumoana a Toi Aquaculture Centre, writes Andrew Morgan. Currently, the ability of this pilot intensive commercial settlement system to produce large numbers of juveniles is being assessed. This system is also part of a production platform designed as a pilot for selective breeding.

The nutritional requirements of larvae and its impact on growth and development and how this relates to the rearing environment is used for successful intensive and sustainable pilot commercial-scale production. Larval competency and the ability of large numbers of larvae to complete the larval cycle, settle and become juveniles are very dependent on this. Handling techniques during larval rearing have a significant impact on the numbers of larvae completing the larval cycle and settling. Read more ...

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