Tuesday, December 20, 2011

GM salmon found to be infected with the ISA virus

As Aquabounty await for the decision of approval, a worrying discovery has been made, according to recent reports AquAdvantage being raised at a land based site isolated on Prince Edward Island has been found to be infected with the Infectious Salmon Anemia (ISA). Catherine Stewart from the Living Oceans Society and Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform in a recent interview explained the discovery in the "Frankenfish" infection, back in 2009 that there had been an outbreak of ISA at the Prince Edward Island facility raising AquAdvantage salmon.

"I think we have to ask the question, 'How did this get into this facility?' This is a land-based, closed-tank system that's raising these genetically-engineered fish," said Stewart. "It could only have come through the eggs or the smolts, or through water that the facility pumps from the bay into their facility." Read more ...

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