Wednesday, June 20, 2012

IAF article: Soybean products in aquafeed

In light of the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership report into I thought I'd revisit this article from International Aquafeed Jan/Feb 2012.

With an ever increasing demand for farmed fish, finding viable alternatives to fishmeal is imperative.  This article, by T. H.Bhat, M. H.Balkhi and Tufail Banday (Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Kashmir) examines the use of soybean products in aquafeeds.

The world demand for seafood is increasing dramatically year by year, although an annual upper limit of 100 million tons is set so as not to exhaust  reserves. It is for this  reason that  there is a considerable move towards modernising and intensifying fish farming. T o be economically viable, fish farming must be competitive, which means that feed costs amongst others must be carefully monitored as the operational cost goes 60 percent for feed alone. Therefore selection of cheaper and quality ingredients is of paramount importance for sustainable and economical aquaculture. Identification of suitable alternate protein sources for inclusion in fish feeds becomes imperative to counter the scarcity of fishmeal.

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