Monday, June 11, 2012

IAF Article: Trout Focus, Peru

The May/June issue of International Aquafeed magazine sees a new section: Expert Focus.  In each issue one species goes under the microscope for an in-depth examination.  The section looks at how the species is managed from a global perspective, goes behind the scenes at various farms and explores some of the issues affecting the species.

For the first Expert Focus, trout takes centre stage.  This week I will be sharing the articles on the blog but you can also find the whole section here.

First up, the Peruvian Aquaculture Company gives an overview of trout in Peru.
Trout (Photo credit: ulterior epicure)

Peruvian Aquaculture Company

The highest industrial aquaculture center in the world is located in Peru's central Huancavelica department, 4,600 meters above sea level. Peruvian Aquaculture Company (PACSAC) was founded in 2007 for the development of industrial aquaculture, an activity that is emerging worldwide as the main protein source for the near future.

To meet this goal, PACSAC integrates social and environment care with the use of modern technologies that make possible to provide quality products to international markets. At this stage, PACSAC is raising rainbow trout. As well as being the highest trout farm in Peru, the company's facilities are also the largest industrial aquaculture site in the country. 
According to an article published by, the company uses the same technologies applied in fish farming by the major producers of salmon and trout, like Norway, Chile and the United Kingdom.

However, this technology has been adapted to its unique environment and an individual model has been developed for the high Andes. The natural environment and the purity of the water in this mountain range is the greatest asset of the company, which allows making aquaculture a sustainable activity.

All procedures used by the company are environmentally friendly, and as a result, the Peruvian Aquaculture Company implements norms ISO 14001: 2004. PACSAC also develops regular environmental water monitoring to asses quality and sediment.The fish are fed exclusively with extruded fishmeal specially formulated for trout. After reaching the required market size the trout are harvested and transported to the processing plant.
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