Friday, June 27, 2014

27/06/14: FDA to Increase Calls for More Fish Consumption

Waiting for other Governments to catch up??

Experts say they expect the guidelines will translate to more fish on the plates of young families. "This is the first time that the government is actually setting a minimum amount of fish that should be consumed," says Mary Harris, a professor of nutrition at Colorado State University whose research focuses on the effect of omega-3 fatty acids—found in many fish—on pregnancy outcomes.

Fish are packed with protein, vitamins and minerals. Among the types of omega-3 fatty acids in fish, DHA plays a major role in brain and eye development, and EPA is considered heart-protective. About 60% of the fatty acids in the retina and 40% in the brain are DHA, says Dr. Harris. Taking supplements doesn't convey the same health benefits because foods contain a complex array of vitamins and minerals that work with each other, she says.

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