Monday, June 30, 2014

30/6/2014: IFFO welcomes FAO’s GLOBEFISH as a new member

IFFO welcomes GLOBEFISH as a on-producer member. As a unit of the United Nations Fisheries and Aquaculture Department (FAO), GLOBEFISH is responsible for information on international fish trade and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary.  

"With three decades of experience in gathering, assessing, analysing and disseminating up-to-date marketing and trade information worldwide, GLOBEFISH’s works with partners such as IFFO and we look forward to continuing to work closely together in the future," says FAO spokesperson.  

IFFO’s relationship with FAO has grown over the past few years. IFFO is an accredited observer to FAO but recently it has begun participated as an observing body in the OECD-FAO agri-commodities working group meeting.

This group produces an annual update on the Agricultural Outlook for the following 10 years, a report that is becoming an important reference point for both the public and private sector worldwide. 

IFFO is playing a key role as the only industry organisation called to contribute to the fish and seafood section. 

"We are  also collaborating in a joint project with FAO and the China Society of Fishery (CSF) on improving the statistics on China production of fishmeal and fish oil," says the IFFO.

The core of GLOBEFISH is its databank and the group also produces a number of publications including fish price reports (European Fish Price Report), market studies (GLOBEFISH Research Programme), market trend analysis (GLOBEFISH Highlights) and online market reports. News, statistics and prices are collected worldwide and disseminated through the GLOBEFISH publications and the web site. GLOBEFISH provides up-to-date coverage of global seafood market developments thanks to its close contact with the fishery industry and its statistical information sources.

GLOBEFISH also coordinates the FISHINFO Network (FIN) which consists seven independent inter-governmental and governmental organisations. Created to assist the fishery sector in developing countries and countries in transition, the FIN provides services to private industry and to governments.

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