Saturday, June 7, 2014

WAS Adelaide 2014: Innovations in commercial fish health and shrimp nutrition

Participants at the World Aquaculture Conference will hear from key note speaker Dr Alex Obach, Managing Director of the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre, on how fish and shrimp nutrition and health studies are playing a major role in improving the sustainability and productivity of aquaculture production around the world.

Dr Obach will present in the Commercial Fish Health session discussing in detail how science and the use of clinical nutrition has allowed feed manufacturers to develop nutritional strategies and functional feeds that are having a positive impact on not only productivity, but also on the health of farmed fish and shrimp species.

The Commercial Fish Health session will also include presentations from other world experts relating to best aquaculture practices, disease prevention and control measures and integrated management schemes for different species and culture systems.

The Shrimp Nutrition session will provide a second opportunity to hear from Dr Orbach, this time about some of the major challenges faced by today’s shrimp farming industry. Dr Obach will use the example of how recent developments in nutrition can contribute to improved water quality, health status and optimised performance for shrimp farming operations.

If you are interested in attending these sessions and hearing Dr. Alex Obach present on the use of functional feeds to improve the health status in fish and on the development of efficient and sustainable shrimp feeds then please join us in Adelaide.

Dr Alex Obach is a keynote speaker and co-chair and in the Commercial Fish Health session and the Shrimp Nutrition session at the World Aquaculture Conference. Dr Obach is the Managing Director of Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre, based in Norway.

South Australia is proud to be hosting World Aquaculture for the first time in this continent since 1999. This annual event organized by the World Aquaculture Society incorporates the biennial Australasian Aquaculture Conference and Trade Show in a joint arrangement with National Aquaculture Council. ‘Skretting’ World Aquaculture Adelaide is an opportunity for the international aquaculture community to present their research, exchange ideas and discuss a vision for the future of the aquaculture industry as they focus on the theme of ‘Create, Nurture, Grow’, reflecting the dynamic nature of aquaculture development in the region.

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