Friday, August 1, 2014

01/08/2014: VIDEO - Huon launches revolutionary feed barge

Huon (based in Tasmania) are introducing a series of new feed barges which they believe will make farms more efficient while reducing environmental impact.

The new feed systems are becoming recognised as the most innovative feed delivery and management system anywhere in the world with benefits including:

Reduced noise from reduced feed-boat traffic
The installation of the new feed barge system is expected to halve the current amount of feed boat traffic. Pens can also be moved further away from shore, representing a significant reduction in feed boat traffic noise.

More Efficient Feeding
The barges can be filled in a one trip, from a large vessel and will hold at least a week's worth of food. All the machinery to measure and transport the food out to the fish is kept in a stable, dry space below deck rather than exposed to the elements.

Improved safety for workers
The new barge system provides a safer work environment and allows workers to focus on feeding the fish rather than maintaining the feed hoppers. The more robust technology of the new feed system means that there is less physical impact on workers (less strenuous work) and that the skill and experience of older workers can be retained in feed roles.

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To see more about the barges, take a look at the video below.

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