Wednesday, August 6, 2014

06/08/2014: Watch sharks striking a shark cam and read about the croc vs shark attack

The great white shark is 'great' for a reason: It’s a massive, powerful predator that ambushes its prey from below, writes Jason Bittel for the National Geographic.

Now, thanks to an underwater robot, we can see exactly what it looks like to be struck by these awesome animals—in high definition, no less.
he Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution recently captured video of a great white vigorously attacking their REMUS SharkCam off Guadalupe Island, Mexico (map)—one of the most “spectacular” videos ever taken of the phenomenon, according to shark experts.

SharkCam Shows Great White Attack in “Spectacular” Detail

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AND while we are talking about sharks check out this story where an old crocodile attacks a shark in an Australian river and wins

A shark and an elderly crocodile went head-to-head on an Australian river as a boatload of tourists watched in amazement. Passengers on a crocodile-spotting tour in the Northern Territory got more than they bargained for Tuesday when they spotted the reptile clasping its jaws around a bull shark. 

"I supposed you're a bit awe-struck really," Andrew Paice, an avid photographer, told NBC News.

The incident occurred during a ride along the Adelaide River near the Kakadu National Park. The group had been watching crocodiles jump for a piece of buffalo meat on a stick. A reptile nicknamed "Brutus" was the most impressive. He is estimated to be 80-years-old and 18 feet long. As the boat returned to the jetty, he was spotted clasping the shark.

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