Friday, August 8, 2014

08/08/2014: What's weird today report

What glows and why? 
Seattle-based biologist-turned-artist Eleanor Lutz created a chart of select bioluminescent species, detailing the different compounds that make them glow. Check out his graphic on the link below.

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Touch-screen Tortoises
Tortoises are using their cleverness to do more than just win long distance races against hares–now they’re moving into the field of touchscreen technology.

Researchers from the U.K.'s University of Lincoln have successfully trained four red-footed tortoises (native to Central and South America) to touch different objects on a screen.


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Three-eyed crab!
What has three eyes, two noses, and an antenna poking up like a little puppet from its head?
The Amarinus lacustris - discovered in New Zealand

That would be a unique specimen of the freshwater crab Amarinus lacustris, discovered in New Zealand and described in this week’s issue of the journal Arthropod Structure & Development.

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