Monday, August 18, 2014

18/08/2014: Factors relevant to nutrition of Tridacnidae giant clams

Tridacnid giant clams are of commercial interest for their nutritional, economic and ecological significance throughout the Indo-Pacific and Oceania. A major impediment to culturing tridacnid giant clams is larval mortality and that issue is researched in this paper.
Tridacnid giant clams are of interest for their nutritional significance

The review examines culture techniques known to enhance gamete viability of several marine viable bivalves of commercial interest, and critically assesses whether such methods are applicable to tridacnids in culture conditions. Included are suggestions for optimizing nutritional conditions from gametogenesis through embryonic development, and conclude with a primer of research opportunities based on gaps in our understanding of tridacnid pre-veliger nutrition compared with other bivalves.

A major conclusion is that culture protocols should include pre-veliger nutritional fitness as a critical factor in enhancing larval survival, growth and development.

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