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02/10/2014: Aquaculture diversification will be a main topic in the International Conference AquaSur 2014

As part of the activities surrounding the International Fair AquaSur 2014 – between the 22th and 25th of October, 2014 –, on Thursday 23th will take place at the Patagonian Hotel in Puerto Varas (Los Lagos Region) the International Conference AquaSur called "The aquaculture industry, environment and possibilities", where relevant subjects related to the development of the activity, including, aquaculture diversification and markets will have a leading role in the instance.
Why Chile has taken so long to cultivate a wider range of species?

On the impact of the global economy and diversification in the sector, the South Zone Manager of Editec Group, Rodrigo Infante, said that “the dynamism of markets and the variables in terms of exchange rates and credit conditions partly determine the development of the sector”.
The ups and downs and possible market scenarios will be analyzed

The conference organized by Editec –company responsible of publications such as magazines AQUA, MINERÍA CHILENA, LIGNUM and ELECTRICIDAD, and highly relevant technical seminars–, will take place in the context of the eighth edition of the International Fair AquaSur 2014 between the 22th and 25th of October in Puerto Montt (Los Lagos Region).

Among the speakers of the Conference, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universidad Andrés Bello (UNAB), Roberto Darrigrandi, will speak about "The world economy in the next five years" where the ups and downs and possible market scenarios will be analyzed, together with the effects and the role that China will play among other economies.

"China will gradually have a higher role in traditional markets like the United States, Europe and Brazil. This linked with a major import of commodities and services in the medium and long term", said Roberto Darrigrandi.

In relation to the influence of external market volatility in the Chilean aquaculture, Darrigrandi added: "If Chile is able to diversify its markets could weigh periods of volatility, which are part of the industry if we review statistics from previous years. We must also consider the effects of the exchange rate, because high prices present a greater margin but that contrasts with the higher costs of production. For example, fish feed”.

Meanwhile, the civil engineering M.Sc. Economy and CEO of Award Ltda., Carlos Wurmann, will speak on "Aquaculture Diversification", noting that the industry is not only salmon and how it has diversified in the world and why Chile has taken so long to cultivate a wider range of species.

"If you want to maintain the growth rates of the past and make the most of the varied conditions offered by the country, it is appropriate and necessary to diversify the species in terms of geographic areas, technologies and markets. Moreover, it must diversify incorporating the greatest forgotten of the Chilean aquaculture: the small and medium producer. Only then may maintain levels of leadership and increase the economic contribution that aquaculture has offered and Chile can offer", said Wurmann.

The expert added that, despite the efforts, the salmon will remain the main source of income sector, at least in the next two decades. However, he said that in the next ten years, "it will need to develop at least four or five new species of high rank, making own farming in exposed marine areas, enhance aquaponics, the cultivation of small and medium scale freshwater and marine environment species, the repopulation of the coastline, the macro and microalgae production, among others".

The International Conference AquaSur 2014 is sponsored collaboration and Technological Training Center Chile, Billund Aquaculture, Pentair, Pharmaq, Biomar and the Employment and Training Corporation (Sofofa). Similarly participate as sponsors the Undersecretary of Fisheries and Aquaculture (Subpesca) ProChile and the Association of Chilean Salmon Industry AG (SalmonChile).

Note that International Aquafeed will have its Spanish language edition on displace and available to visitors to AquaSur 2014!

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