Wednesday, October 8, 2014

08/10/2014: Totality … let's imagine!

by Dr Dominique P Bureau of IAF editorial panel and University of Guelph, Canada.

Let's imagine an aquafeed company that has merged with an aquaculture company and after this merging, the resulting company has merged with a snack manufacturer and then with a delicatessen high street shop. Totality. Impossible you might think. But impossible is nothing!

Now, this total chain company is using as raw ingredients functional aqua feeds and the bioactive ingredients of the feeds pass all the way to the fish stripes with olive oil and lemon that are extruded and packed in a 70g little sachet to be sold as a delicious and nutritious snack (as opposed to crisps!). 

So, this company sells snacks named as “fish with olive oil and lemon: the med diet in a sachet”. Would you buy it? Would you consider it as an alternative and much more nutritional snack for your lunch break?

The totality described in the first paragraph does not exist. However, this should be the driving force in aquaculture today: how we can make better (i.e. more cost effective, more nutritional, more “appealing” aquafeeds (with improved flavour and colour) in order to produce more attractive fish and then fish products. 

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