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03/10/2014: Carp - A global overview from International Aquafeed

by Ross Jelfs, Lower Berryfield Fisheries for International Aquafeed

Cyprinus Carpio are the most commonly produced fish in aquaculture, the tonnage of common carp in China produced every year alone exceeds that of salmon and trout worldwide.
Carp was the Expert Topic in International Aquafeed 1405

Carp are a source of food in many parts of the world, especially central Europe. It is perceived to be a Christmas tradition and delicacy in some countries such as Poland. In such countries live common carp can be purchased in supermarkets and taken home just like a goldfish in the UK.

For hundreds of years the Japanese have been producing Koi Carp (Cyprinus Carpio) for garden ponds and water features, these domesticated fish are now produced not only in Japan but also all over Asia, Europe and America. These koi carp are bred to such a high standard in Japan and Israel that enthusiasts travel from all over the globe to the all Japan show every year for an opportunity to witness the carp and often purchase fish themselves.

These koi carp can cost up to UK£80,000 for top quality fish and fish over UK£5000 are very commonplace. In Western Europe, carp production is relatively on the smaller scale, as we do not produce fish for the table due the fact we are closer to seas and saltwater fish is more of a staple diet.

The carp we produce in the UK are required for the sport and leisure industry, these fish are stocked into inland lakes, rivers and canals. In the UK carp grow to weights in excess of 60lb and dedicated anglers spend days, weeks, months and sometimes years just trying to out wit their target fish, these carp can come in all shapes and sizes with varieties including common, mirror and leather carp.

Here in the UK the demand for carp is ever on the increase with avian predation at
every stage of a young carps life and otters making a successful come back in the wild.

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