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08/10/2014: Changing the status quo and focusing on gender

by Roy Palmer, columnist International Aquafeed

The conundrum of how you get out of poverty and into wealth is difficult to explain let
alone do.

The founder of the nonprofit Operation HOPE, John Hope Bryant, believes in the case for an “economic Marshall Plan” to give the poor “access to capital and knowledge about how to use it.” 

His view is that poor people rarely reap the fruits of capitalism because instead of meeting entrepreneurs, homeowners and college-trained professionals, they’re surrounded by payday lenders, the unemployed and people who’ve never had a bank account. They are surrounded by the ‘victim’ system so those factors foster the mindset and knowledge gaps that perpetuate poverty. Some say this is perpetuated in the foreign aid programs that exist.

Additionally, the Australian Minister for Employment said, “Whenever we go somewhere, what’s the first thing we do? We identify our name and the second what our role in life is. It is part and parcel of our makeup.” If you do not have a job then all you have is your name!

Social data confirms overwhelmingly, if you are in employment, your physical health, your mental health, your self-esteem, your social interaction are all enhanced. Not only for you as an individual, but for everybody that is in your family unit. Employment is a massive social good. The importance of employment should never, ever be down played.

The other issue that is playing a big part of AwF activities today is that of gender. Since the ‘Women in Aquaculture’ session at World Aquaculture Adelaide AwF has organised a number of meetings with people who have shown interest in being involved in a Gender & Women Network (yet to be officially named).

As is pointed out in the Report by the High Level Panel of Experts on Food Security and Nutrition for the Committee on World Food Security (HLPE FS&N) food security and malnutrition arise from inequalities, including those related to gender. Whilst the first view of gender tends to be about ‘women’, the report highlights that we cannot ignore men’s conditions and behaviour are also critical in social and gender relations, and that men can also suffer from food and nutrition in security because of gendered fish
sector work.

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