Tuesday, March 24, 2015

24/03/2015: 1 in 10 Glasgow children think fish fingers are a species

We imagine days of sun out and taps aff, free Tunnocks tea cakes for all, and nae bus lanes.

However, apparently children also imagine that the Loch Ness monster is real and that fish fingers are their own species, The Daily Record reports.

In a slightly fishy national survey from Sea Life London Aquarium, one in 10 of children in Glasgow said fish fingers are a species.
A freshly captured shoal of Pescus digitatis, the common fish finger
The poll found 13 per cent of children in Glasgow itself believed sea dragons were the size of a house, and 15 per cent thought they could breath fire. An overwhelming 85 percent didn’t realise they were real.

While 10 per cent of children though Nessie was real nationally, in Glasgow, it’s 35 percent. Another 21 per cent think mermaids are real.

But in contrast, knowledge of sharks seems quite good and 85 per cent of Weegie children know humans are not the favourite food of sharks.

Read more, and see the (amusing!) pictures, HERE.

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