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07/05/2015: Inauguration of the new Bio Springer drying tower in Strasbourg

Lesaffre is continuing to diversify in the field of animal nutrition, health and well-being, investing in a third drying tower dedicated to parietal fractions of yeast, at our Bio Springer site in Strasbourg.
On Thursday, April 23, 2015, Antoine Baule, Lesaffre’s Chief Executive Officer, Edouard Gestat, Bio Springer EMEA*’s General Manager, and Frédérique Clusel, Phileo’s General Manager, inaugurated a new yeast parietal fractions drying tower at the Bio Springer site in Strasbourg. 
The drying tower (Copyright: Vincent Muller)
With the adjoining conditioning workshop, this new industrial machinery represents a €7 million investment. The site will now be able to supply Phileo, Lesaffre’s business unit specializing in animal nutrition, health and well- being, with close to 4000 tons of yeast parietal fractions each year. Lesaffre’s investments continue on a booming market.
Lesaffre is a key global player in the field of yeast and bread-making solutions, and is also active on a variety of markets, thanks to our additional business lines: taste and pleasure in food, health and well-being, and biotechnologies. In early 2014, the company announced its intention of raising the shares of those activities’ contributions to 30 percent of total group turnover in the space of five years. The investments made at the Bio Springer site in Strasbourg are a very concrete illustration of this desire, as well as an indication of the resources that the group is prepared to devote to its fulfillment.
(Copyright: Vincent Muller)
The Bio Springer plant in Strasbourg, which celebrated its twentieth anniversary last year, has been able to adapt and increase its production capacity in line with the market’s increasing demand. Because the two drying towers could not handle any more yeast extracts to dry, Lesaffre decided to invest in a third tower, more specifically designed for dry parietal fractions of yeasts. This resulted in €7 million being invested in industrial equipment, including a drying tower and an attached line that packages 25 kg bags. The tower was activated in November 2014, and the conditioning line in February 2015.

(*Europe, Middle East and Africa.) 

Bio Springer’s Strasbourg plant ramps up its production capacity

 Specializing in the production of yeast extracts, Bio Springer’s factory in Strasbourg spans 30,000 m2 and employs some 50 team members. Its geographic proximity to the Sil Fala plant (a Lesaffre subsidiary) gives us control over the entire yeast production cycle at our Strasbourg site.
Sil Fala manufactures the yeast cream, which is then transmitted to the Bio Springer site just a few yards away, through dedicated pipes. Next, the Bio Springer factory produces yeast extracts and recovers the resulting parietal fractions, all of which is dried and packaged on site. The new drying tower will be able to produce roughly 500 kg of yeast parietal fractions per hour, or approximately 4000 tonnes each year.
At the top of the tower (Copyright: Vincent Muller)
Bio Springer Strasbourg in brief

  • Some 50 employees
  • A 30,000 m2 site
  • 3 yeast extract drying towers, including 1 dedicated to parietal fractions of yeast  
  • 1 yeast autolysis workshop Operates 350 days/year, 7 days/week, 24 hours/day
About Lesaffre
Lesaffre sets the global standard for yeast and other fermentation products. Our company designs, manufactures and markets solutions that promote baking, nutrition, health and protection of living organisms.

A family-run group founded in the North of France in 1853, Lesaffre is committed to giving the best of itself in each business activity: yeast and bread-making, taste and pleasure in food, health and well-being (human, animal and plant), and biotechnologies. At Lesaffre, innovation is at the heart of our development.
Antoine Baule (Copyright: Vincent Muller)
With our close relationships with clients and partners, Lesaffre works confidently to better feed and protect the planet. Lesaffre’s 2014 turnover was €1.5 billion. Our products are sold in more than 180 countries. Lesaffre’s staff is more than 8,000 strong, divided between some 70 subsidiaries operating in over 40 countries.

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About Phileo

Backed by 30 years of experience and 120 employees worldwide, Phileo is considered to be a major player on the animal nutrition, health and well-being market.

By working at the crossroads between animal health and nutrition, Phileo designs, develops and supplies innovative nutritional solutions that can improve animal health and performance.

Its capacity for innovation and proficiency in manufacturing processes allow it to meet the most exacting demands of industry and animal production. Its global presence brings it close to the field and helps it easily adapt to clients’ needs.
(Copyright: Vincent Muller)
Did you know?
Phileo has conducted numerous studies to prove the benefits of Safmannan, a premium parietal fraction rich in active compounds (mannans and beta-glucans), in improving the health of many animal species (dairy cows, pigs, poultry and aquaculture species). 

Adding Safmannan to feed gives animals natural protection against the risk of disease by trapping certain pathogen and toxin bacteria that are responsible for disease and by reinforcing their natural defenses.  

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The inauguration (Copyright: Vincent Muller)
About Bio Springer
Bio Springer is a long-time producer on the market for yeast extracts intended for agrifood and biotech industrialists, providing them with tasty, nutritional, functional solutions. Its global presence strengthens its ties to partners and clients, while offering an efficient supply chain with a reduced carbon footprint.

Backed by solid scientific and technical experience, its teams of experts are passionate about their work, guiding its partners’ needs and developments and striving to continually improve production methods.

Bio Springer is a pioneer in yeast extracts with more than 160 years of expertise and more than 300 employees in France.

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