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12/05/2015: Latest research results offer economic boost for shrimp production

Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) is still a big problem in shrimp production in South-East Asia as well as in Latin America causing enormous economic losses in shrimp farming. The biggest impact was felt in 2013 when Thailand, until then the second largest producer after China, saw its shrimp production drop by more than half in 2013 as a result of EMS. EMS experts know that classical approaches like antibiotics and chemical disinfection are no solution.
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Dr Eckel was one of the first European feed additive producers who expanded its business to aquaculture and aquafeed industries. Hence, the target was to develop a functional feed additive that has positive effects on growth and immune defence of Pacific White Shrimp. After two years of research and development Dr Eckel is proud to reap the fruits of its labours. In 2014 research partners of the renowned Aquaculture Business Research Centre at Kasetsart University in Bangkok reported a breakthrough.

The tested phytogenic feed additive Anta®Phyt Aqua proved to have positive effects on growth, survival and immune response of shrimp when challenged with Vibrio spp., one of the main causes of EMS. During the experiments, special emphasis was put on immunological effects as one of the target mechanism of the novel feed additive. Anta®Phyt Aqua improved shrimp immune response, which led to higher survival rates in the challenge experiment. In the course of their immunological studies the researchers measured the ratio of hemocytes cells that do phagocytosis to the total number of hemocytes. Phagocytosis is the central and terminal mechanism of the immune system to seek and destroy pathogenic bacteria or infected cells. The share of hemocytes that perform phagocytosis was significantly larger in the Anta®Phyt group (23 percent) than in the control group (17 percent). Additionally shrimp in the treatment group had twice as much hemocytes compared to shrimp of the control group (4.4 x 106 versus 1.9 x 106 cells/ml).

When the researchers examined the hepatopancreas of the challenged animals they discovered a spectacular histopathological pattern: Shrimp from the Anta®Phyt Aqua-group had less cell necrosis in the hepatopancreas compared to control (Figure). That means that Anta®Phyt Aqua from Dr Eckel took a cell-protective effect in the hepatopancreas of shrimp. This caused shrimp survival rates to increase by 20 percent (from 60 percent to 80 percent). The result is an improvement in shrimp health and welfare, which is also reflected in the animal‘s performance: shrimp feed conversion rates increased by 20 percent and their final weights were 15 percent higher.

With Anta®Phyt Aqua Dr Eckel delivers a natural and powerful tool that assures high production and low mortality in intensive shrimp production.

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