Friday, May 22, 2015

22/05/2015: Ecuaproteins S.A. now EU approved and registered

Recently, Aquativ were pleased to announce the EC approval of their AQUASEA plant in Costa Rica.

Today, they are again delighted to announce that their ECUAPROTEINS S.A. production facility in Guayaquil, ECUADOR, has also received EU approval in accordance with Regulation (EC) No 1069/2009, which lays down health rules for animal by-products and derived products not intended for human consumption.

The factory is now on the Lists of ABP establishments or plants in Third Countries.

“The shrimp industry plays a significant role in the Ecuadorian economy. In that context, Ecuaproteins has been processing shrimp meal with a unique Flash drying system and recently started processing a spray dried Shrimp Hydrolysate in powder (ACTIPAL HP1). EU Customers have been requesting shrimp based ingredients for a while. Thanks to the efficiency of the Ecuadorian Official Authorities which allowed us to get this critical certification, we are today very happy to be able to supply this market.” says Jose Alfredo AVILA, General Manager for Ecuaproteins in Ecuador.

Ecuaprotein S.A. processes farmed Shrimp heads collected from shrimp packing plants located close to its premises, as well as fresh Tuna as raw material for its Tuna liquid Hydrolysate.

Privileged bonds and partnerships with their suppliers as well as high standard requirements guarantee safety, traceability and freshness of raw material used to produce their product range.

Their state of the art technologies of controlled hydrolysis process, centrifugation, concentration and spray drying valorize these co-products into highly performing and standardized protein functional hydrolysates.

Visit the Aquativ site HERE.

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