Thursday, August 13, 2015

13/08/2015: New aquaculture waste treatment

The DeammRecirc project is EU funded and is looking to find innovative solutions for aquaculture waste treatment that may reduce the costs of ‘recirculation aquaculture systems’ (RAS) that purify and reuse the water in fish farm tanks.
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RAS technology reduces the flow of harmful chemicals, for example; nitrates, into the environment, particularly to rivers and seas. It does this by converting them into harmless nitrogen gas, which can then be released into the atmosphere.
However, according to the DeammRecirc team, the problem with current practice is that it does not go far enough. It has been suggested that the end point of the fish farming process should restore nitrogen to the atmosphere as a harmless gas, as opposed to allowing it to accumulate as a pollutant.  
So partners have adapted an existing ‘deammonification’ technology – used successfully in the water treatment industry – to the particular needs of RAS aquaculture. 

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