Friday, August 14, 2015

14/08/2015: Hatchery-raised cleaner wrasse nip fish-lice in the bud
Bluestreak cleaner wrasse, Philippines (Image: Elias Levy)
How do you keep your fish clean and parasite-free?

Sometimes, it's hard to improve on what's already out there in the natural world.

This certainly seems to be the opinion of some folks at the Scottish Aquaculture Innovation Centre, who have joined forces with Marine Harvest and the University of Stirling to breed cleaner wrasse.

Cleaner wrasse are the little chaps many of our readers will have seen on nature programs, picking all kinds of nasties off bigger fish - who willingly wait in line to be attended to.

Sea lice are a real plague on farmed salmon. BBC News went along to watch one of the first deliveries of cleaner fish from a hatchery in Scotland.

Watch the video HERE.

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