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11/02/2016: Aquaculture, nature and society
by Peter Parker

First published in International Aquafeed, November-December 2015

The weather was less than favourable in the diverse city of Rotterdam for the week of AE2015, but this did not seem to impair the constant flow of cyclists, trams, motorists, and pedestrians in the city centre – nor the attendance at this key annual event.

Aquaculture Europe 2015 focused on ‘Aquaculture, Nature and Society,’ when the industry met at De Doelen Centre in the heart of Rotterdam, The Netherlands, for its three day annual event which ran from Wednesday-to-Friday October 21-23, 2015.

Besides being supported in some way by all of the presentations throughout the event, the theme was directly addressed by three invited speakers.

The exhibition’s reception was smooth and professional, seeing exhibitors gather to kick off networking with beverages on the Tuesday evening, prior to the official opening of the event.

International Aquafeed was represented by Roger Gilbert (Publisher), Tuti Tan (Events and Circulation Manager) and myself were present.

The presentations made following the official opening focused on the theme of ‘Aquaculture, Nature and Society,’ and were supported throughout the the three-day event. For instance, the theme was directly addressed by the three invited speakers:

  • CEO of the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, Chris Ninnes spoke about the ASC’s strategy to demonstrate improved sustainability
  • Huw Thomas, the Fisheries and Aquaculture Manager of the UK retailer Morrisons gave a presentation on society and consumer preference
  • Louise Fresco, the third speaker who is Wageningen University’s CEO, gave a talk titled ‘New approaches to production’ and compared developments in aquaculture to those in agriculture and discussed the importance of enhancing natural capitol whilst balancing the precision farming concept of providing eco-services and conservation in local areas 
Opening ceremony
The official opening was held in an auditorium, large BioMar banners framed the podium where speakers took the stage to share on aquaculture issues, solutions and predictions.

EAS 2014-2016 President Sachi Kaushik gave an inspiring welcome to the delegates, noting the suitability of Rotterdam for such an event.

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