Thursday, February 25, 2016

25/02/2016: Calibrin®-Z Gains 50 percent market share for shrimp EMS challenge in Mexico during introductory year
Image: James Halliday
Fifty percent of shrimp feed produced in Mexico in 2015 contained Calibrin-Z to fight the damaging effects of Early Mortality Syndrome (EMS) with positive feedback given by current customers. The Calibrin-Z market penetration rate was significant as the product was introduced to the Mexican market just months earlier.

Calibrin-Z is a bacterial toxin control product that protects the hepatopancreas from the damaging effects of EMS in shrimp, which was first reported in Mexico in 2013. This fairly new disease appears during the first seven to 30 days after planting and is caused by toxins secreted by the bacteria Vibrio parahaemolyticus (V p).

V p is transmitted orally and colonizes the shrimps’ gastrointestinal tract, causing tissue destruction and dysfunction of the vital digestive organ, hepatopancreas.

Calibrin-Z works by adsorbing the V p bacterial toxin in the body, thereby increasing the rate of survival in a shrimp crop. Studies have shown improvements in survivability, up to 84 percent versus controls, when shrimp challenged with the V p toxin were fed Calibrin-Z.

EMS is characterized by a high mortality rate, often reaching 100 percent within the first 30 days. The complete studies, which can be found HERE, were conducted at the University of Arizona.

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