Friday, June 2, 2017

02/06/2017: Dietary protease and their application in fish feed: A global perspective

 The problem? 
 Very few protein sources in the world today are well standardised, well characterised, or of relatively consistent quality, in comparison to the other sources. Amongst them, most prominent are fishmeal, soybean meal, canola meal, and some animal by-products such as poultry by-product meal and feather meal. 

 To be consistent, these products need to be sourced from trusted and well-recognised suppliers, thus futhering the limits the supply of these products, and cost could be out-of-reach for most feed manufacturers.

 Limited supply, high price, and increasing demand of these well-characterised protein sources have been forcing feed manufacturers worldwide to use less known and poorly characterised plant and animal proteins. These proteins usually possess an imbalanced amino acid profile, may contain some toxins or anti-nutrients, and may be high in fibre or ash, rendering them difficult to digest.

 High inclusion of these protein sources in fish diet may result in reduced nutrient digestibility, poor production performance, and sometimes, deterioration of the gastrointestinal health. Quality of these raw materials also vary from region to region and season to season, from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even vary among batches from a single manufacturer. 

 As a result of these variations, nutritionists and formulators often had to use irrationally high safety margins for some key amino acids and micronutrients in order to meet the nutritional requirement of the target animals.

To discover the solution, the history and all about proteases click here and read our full in page feature - Page 38 

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