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14/06/2017: Malaysian Farmers Day at APA 17 – Transforming aquaculture towards 2020

Fishance Berhad: Cage system fish farming
Image courtesy of APA17 press team
 On July 25th, 2017 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 24th -27th July 2017, Asian Pacific Aquaculture 2017 (APA17) will hold a Malaysian Farmers Day on July 25th, 2017 from 11:10 am to 03:50 pm at the THO A meeting room, Putra World Trade Center, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia after the opening ceremony. 

 It has been organised by the Department of Fisheries (DOF) and Malaysian Fisheries Society (MFS) in collaboration with the Asian Pacific Chapter of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS-APC). The session chairs will be Mr. Abdullah Abd Rahim, President from the MFS and Dr. Mazuki Hashim, Senior Director from the DOF. DOF will bring small scale marine and freshwater fish to attend the event. 

 The organising committee also invites other farmers to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to attend this session free of charge as well as other industry professionals. The aim is to bring all the farmers forward for sustainable farming practices and move to market driven aquaculture, which is linked to the theme of the Malaysian Farmers Day “Transforming Aquaculture towards 2020”. 

 Key highlights of the presentation on the Malaysian Farmers Day include: 

  • Introduction on Transformation for Aquaculture in Malaysia towards 2020 by Dr Mazuki Hashim, DOF 
  • Transforming of Langkawi into Grouper Industry hub in Malaysia by Alexey Dorin, Fishance Berhad, Malaysia 
  • Harnessing the markets for Malaysian farmed fish & shrimp for the future by Shirlene Antonysamy, INFOFISH, Malaysia 
  • Managing Pathogens of Diseases in Marine Fish Cultured in Floating Cages and Disease Management Protocols by Dr Leong Tak Seng, Consultant, Malaysia. 
  • Can aquaculture become the new blue biotechnology of the future? Professor Prof Patrick Sorgeloos, University of Ghent, Belgium 
  • Tilapia Genetics (TBA). 

 The sponsored farmers will end the session with a visit to the Fishance booth 131. 

Selection on speakers at the APA 2017- Malaysian Farmers Day

 Dr Mazuki Bin Hashim
 He is a Senior Director of Fisheries Biosecurity Division for the Department of Fisheries Malaysia (DOF). He will be the chair of the Malaysian Farmers Day-APA 17, the plenary speaker at APA17, and the members of Steering Committee for APA2017. He will present about the projections and plans for aquaculture in Malaysia towards 2020. 

 Mr Alexey Dorin 
 Chief executive Officer at Fishance Berhad in Langkawi, Malaysia. Fishance Berhad is a newly-established aquaculture business specializing in indoor hatchery and cage system fish farming and is involved in the aquaculture industry since August 2016. Fishance started with 100 cages in Tanjung Rhu, Langkawi and now has up to 2,000 cages located in Langgun Island. 

 “Grouper aquaculture is a promising industry with a huge potential and exciting opportunities. It proves to be economically feasible, innovative and sustainable in terms of investing financial resources into the projects. Fishance has organised the strategic plans not only to construct 10,000 cages by year 2019, but also will focus on the developmental of sustainable farming, strengthening operations and achieving business goals.” said Dorin. 

 Professor Patrick Sorgeloos 
 Emeritus professor of aquaculture at Ghent University in Belgium and has been involved in fish and shellfish larviculture R&D in Europe, Asia, Latin America and Africa ever since the mid-seventies. Aquaculture is the fastest growing food-production industry. This trend will continue as demands increase and fisheries stocks are exploited near or greater than maximum sustainable yields. 

 “However, can this all be achieved following our current expertise and experience? Can it be accomplished without causing environmental risks or human health problems? The answer is yes but only when we adopt new approaches when addressing sustainability issues,” said Sorgeloos. “In future aquaculture developments we must embrace ecological principles and reconsider the monoculture approaches that we have increasingly introduced with the modern forms of business aquaculture.” 

 The Malaysian Farmers Days at APA17 is designed to introduce all the farmers to the world of aquaculture and the future of Malaysian aquaculture through a series of presentations and discussions by many experts from aquaculture business. Please take advantage of this opportunity available during the Malaysian Farmers Day at APA17 in successful of aquaculture business.

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