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29/06/2017: A new surveillance camera for the aquaculture industry

World Aquaculture 2017 sees the release of the DTPod a 360 degree viewing camera with pan & tilt

In the exciting world of underwater robotics, Deep Trekker is a global leader in rugged and portable submersible robots. Today, Deep Trekker is pleased to announce their newest product line, the DTPod.
Deep Trekker DTPod in a cage
Image credit: Deep Trekker

This submersible surveillance camera is designed for both drop camera inspections and permanent installations, providing instant video to the surface from underwater. Deep Trekker’s DTG2 and DTX2 underwater drones (Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) are operating in more than 80 countries globally; their flagship products becoming the “go to” tool for a multitude of underwater industries.

With an innovation award from the North American Society for Trenchless Technology, the recent release of a 4K camera upgrade to the DTG2 and DTX2 ROVs, and the launch of the uniquely designed magnetic DT640 Utility Crawler, 2017 has been an incredible year thus far.

In keeping with the forward momentum driven by listening to customer feedback and a desire to continue to implement innovative technology, Deep Trekker is pleased to introduce the DTPod. The DTPod is designed to be installed as a permanent fixture or used as a drop camera.

The handheld controller is able to relay real time visuals and data to the surface by simply plugging in the controller topside and having the 360 pan and tilt camera go to work. The same splash proof controller can allow access to an entire fleet of installed cameras without having to maneuver large, bulky equipment or risk a laptop near water.

The DTPod will allow fish farmers to have easy access to their nets, moorings and fish behaviour. Likewise, the DTPod can also be utilised as a convenient option for structural inspections, such as tanks or bridges. The design principals are based on the same favourite features of other Deep Trekker products; portability, durability, ease of use, and low cost of ownership.

The DTPod is built with rugged 316 stainless steel to withstand long installations, even at great depths (depth rating options of 300m (1000ft). Additional options include zoom camera upgrades, wipers and thrusters when working in high current areas. Equipped with a low light HD camera and powerful LED floodlights, the camera delivers high quality imagery, making it the perfect addition to underwater ROVs.

Deep Trekker is no stranger to Aquaculture operations, the DTG2 ROV is the defacto-standard among aquaculture farm sites.

An example is a global leader in Aquaculture, Marine Harvest, "We have been using DTG2 smart unit for more than a year now in our aquaculture operations. It worked really well for us. It took away a lot of costly dive time. This was the low cost, portable and easy to operate machine at the time we bought. I believe, it still is. The best things about this purchasing this machine is, ease of operation, very cooperative sales team and best after sale support and service. Very low down time observed with the machine too as most of minor repairs can be done on site", said Jayaprabandh Pudota, Harmful Plankton Monitor/Technician

The DTPod design came as a response to the growing demand of aquaculture operations to have a permanent installation to quickly access to view specific areas of a site. This addition provides an ideal complement to the DTG2 and DTX2 “free swimming drones”, by providing a constant view of a specific area, while the ROVs are maneuverered to inspect nets and other areas of interest.

About Deep Trekker
Deep Trekker Inc. was founded in 2010 with a mission to create portable, affordable, and easy to use underwater inspection tools. The company is headquartered in Ontario Canada, with engineering and manufacturing all completed in house. These robust underwater robots are currently being used around the world in industries such as aquaculture, commercial diving, municipalities, police search and rescue, military, and research.

Visit the Deep Trekker website, HERE.

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