Tuesday, June 27, 2017

27/06/2017: Co-investor sought for protein and fish oil plant in Morocco

If you’re interested in becoming a ‘co-investor’ in a partnership in the production of fish protein hydrolysate and fish oil for the use in the food sector, the feed industry and the pet food market, then look no further than this Moroccan opportunity. 

This is a new-build plant which will convert pelagic fish into valuable and marketable products and is planning to process between 15,000-20,000 tonnes annually of pelagic fish, of which two-thirds is by-products and one-third whole fish made up of 75 percent sardine, 15 percent sardinella and 10 percent mackerel.

Resulting products will include 2500-3000 fish protein hydrolysates at 70-84 percent proteins and 1000-1300 tonnes of fish oil with 33 percent Omega 3.

The plant’s turnover is expected to be in the order of €7-10 million per year while the companies seeking an investment of between €4-6 million. The return on investment is expected in three years.

Contact for more information HERE.

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