Thursday, October 14, 2010

Advertiser Feature - Sizer Pelleting Solutions

Sizer Pelleting Solutions
Richard Sizer first set up a pioneering British company in Hull in 1899, he played a key role in the design and manufacture of the first pelleting machine in the 1920’s under the world famous brand Orbit. The design has continued to improve upto this present day, now part of the Newburgh Group who recently renamed as Sizer Pelleting Solutions from OSL pelleting after close consultation with customers.
The Sizer name is known worldwide and stands for quality, the versatility of the pelleting machines is shown in the materials that can be pelleted. Originally used only for animal feed.


        Orbit Pelleting Press                                                   Sizer Pelleting Press        

 The Orbit presses are simple to use, easy to install and low maintenance their motor power range is from 37kw to 225kw. They are direct drive for maximum power transmission; the v belt drive options for variable die speed. With bespoke dies to suit a wide verity of materials.
Now almost anything can be pelleted from wood to waste, using pelleting technology waste can be turned into a valuable product, it reduces transport costs and storage space, handling characteristics are improved and a uniform material product is produced. Sizers new presses are good environmentally, for use in the home or business they are cost effective and space saving.
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