Monday, October 4, 2010

Fish feeder product demand rising

An historical moment for Aquaculture Engineering Group as they prepare to launch their new commercial model automated fish feeder. After three years of trails in the Bay of Fundy waters. The company plan to launch their first feeder from a site off Grey’s Island, one of the problems with fish farming is that the sites need daily feeding, which can be treacherous when located in the open sea. The new fish feeder will be automated and controlled via computer link. Read more...
Fish company cultivating algae for biofuel

Pesquera San Jose, are planning to produce biofuels by cultivating brown algae (Macrocystis Pyrifera). Working with Innovachile project BAL Biofuels, the aim is to promote aquaculture for species with higher commerical expectations and lower impact on the environment. The project will be implemented in Chiles Curaco de Velez region. Read more....

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