Monday, October 18, 2010

New Zealand chainmail manufacturer looks towards fish-farming

New Zealand hi tech chainmail developer Kaynemaile is looking towards fish-farming as a potential customer for their seamless polycarbonate mesh. There could be many advantages to using this kind of material, it is strong flexible and easy to clean, it also could be used as a low maintenance environmentally friendly predator barrier against seals and sharks. Read more...

Fish farm plans challenged by animal welfare group

RSPCA are being urged to object by animal welfare groups to the planning application of a new fish farm in Berneray the Outer Hebrides. The planned location of this fish farm is near to the Seals breeding grounds, Glasgow-based Animal Concern has written to the RSPCA calling for a total no-kill policy in seal control at RSPCA Freedom Food endorsed salmon farms. The RSPCA has refused to back down. Read more...
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