Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Iceland and Faroe increase their Mackerel quota

Iceland and the Faroe Islands decision to raise their quotas for Mackerel was met with anger and disbelief by the Scottish and Norwegian fisherman and the international environmental group WWF. Iceland's ministry of fisheries and agriculture raised their quota this year as no global quota had been reached. The EU fisheries chief Maria Damanaki said she was ready to go to battle, dubbing it the ‘Mackerel war’. Read more...

Aquaculture project causes sleepless nights

Proposed aquaculture oyster farm near Trenton has caused three sleepless nights so far. The public hearings for the lease of the proposed fifty acre site at Goose Cove, have lasted three nights and looks as though it may continue for a forth night as well. The project would start small but could utilise up to 5000 cages, to grow European and American flat oysters. Read more...
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