Thursday, March 17, 2011

Aquafeeds consume roughly 90 percent of the world’s fish oil supply

The First & Only Book Specifically Addressing This Issue Edited by

Professor Wing-Keong Ng  (Teaches at Universiti Sains Malaysia) 
Professor Douglas R Tocher (Works in the Nutrition Group at the Institute of Aquaculture, University of Stirling) 
Dr Giovanni M Turchini (Australian Research Council Fellow affiliated with the School of Life and  Environmental Sciences, Deakin University)

Experts are predicting that demand for marine fish oil will soon outstrip supply, creating extreme urgency within the global aquafeed industry to find viable alternatives. Fish Oil Replacement and Alternative Lipid Sources in Aquaculture Feeds is the first comprehensive review of this multifaceted, complex issue. It also addresses the crucial questions about whether or not the aquaculture industry will be able to meet increasing worldwide demand for fisheries products.

With contributions from more than 30 international experts, the book provides a global perspective on the production, rationale, and use of fish oils, vegetable oils, and animal fats in relation to the aquaculture and aquafeed industries. After a detailed discussion on alternative lipid sources, the book discusses groundbreaking research on the use of these lipid sources as fish oil substitutes, as well as their potential advantages and challenges for use in aquafeeds.

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