Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Review: Aquaculture Economics and Financing (Management and Analysis)

Aquaculture Economics and Financing (Management and Analysis) was written in 2010 by Dr Carole R Engle, from the Aquaculture/Fisheries Center at the University of Arkansas in the USA. 
Dr Engle is an aquaculture economists with over 27 years experience in analysis. She received her PhD in aquaculture and fisheries with a specialisation in economics from Auburn University in 1981.

This book deals with mainly financing and planning for aquaculture businesses, it discusses key issues related to both areas and discusses how to evaluate the economic and financial progress. The book uses examples and literature with an emphasis on farm level data and analysis. And in each chapter there are specific examples of practical applications, as well as a section on other applications in aquaculture to paint a broad picture of the economics of aquaculture around the world. It also provides comprehensive guidance on each particular topic.

This publication is split into three sections:

Section one deals with: Managing Aquaculture Businesses, with chapters on starting an aquaculture businesses, marketing the products, developing a businesses plan for aquaculture. Monitoring the economic and financial performance, managing cash flow, capital assets and managing risks and labour. 

Section two deals with: Economics and Analysis of Aquaculture Businesses, dealing with enterprise budgets partial budgeting in aquaculture as well as financial statements. Cash-flow analysis and investment analysis and lending in aquaculture. 

Section three looks at: Research Techniques to Analyse Farm Level Decision-Making looking at the use and misuse of enterprise and partial budgets, risks analysis in production aquaculture research. Whole farm modelling of aquaculture and managing Government policies and regulations in aquaculture businesses.

This book is a key reference resource for anyone who is involved or interested in the economics and finance of an aquaculture business. Well laid out with good examples and explanations of the subject material covered. I believe this book would be of key importance to business owners and manager of aquaculture, to researchers on aquatic production systems and for students preparing for careers in aquaculture or aquaculture research. A book that deals with the minefield of economics and finances within the field of aquaculture is a must-have for the bookcase. 

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