Friday, March 18, 2011

B.C. salmon farmers start to fight their bad rep

Campaigning for a less-than-popular cause has always been a challenge many times a welcome one  for advertisers. They can choose to ignore the negative rap completely (Cigarettes may kill you ... But look at these pictures of happy, slim models!) or divert attention from what primarily bothers people about the product or practice in question (Animals were slaughtered to make these garments ...But fur is biodegradable, and supports Canadian jobs!)

A new campaign from DDB Canada’s Vancouver office is attempting to highlight one of the more contentious topics in British Columbia, the farming of Atlantic Salmon in the western-most province, a practice long decried by environmentalists. After years of silence on the issue, the B.C. Salmon Farmers Association (BCSFA) says the entire industry the province’s largest agricultural export, with sales of CAN$450-million annually needs to dispel a longstanding counter-campaign that it says is frequently rife with myth and misinformation. Read more ...

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