Tuesday, July 15, 2014

15/07/2014: Reminder - GSSI 'Global Benchmark Tool' for comment

A reminder - The GSSI Steering Board which approved the first draft of the GSSI 'Global Benchmark Tool' on June 16 through is half-way through the consultation period that willl expire on August 16, 2014. Registered GSSI Stakeholders, are being called upon to comment.

The Aquaculturists announced this in full on June 18, 2014. That full report can be read HERE.

Public Consultation Period
GSSI will conduct an extensive consultation and pilot testing process in order to ensure the relevance, applicability and usability of its 'Global Benchmark Tool'. The initial draft has been released for a 60 day public consultation period. As part of the consultation period GSSI will host a series of webinars and workshops: please visit  for an overview of the scheduled events and contact the GSSI Secretariat for more information on registration.

In support of the draft an excel file is being used for submitting your comments. The excel sheet also includes separate worksheets with the references between the GSSI Benchmark Requirements and the requirements of the relevant FAO Guidelines.
Next Steps
The public consultation period will be followed by a pilot testing program to test the Tool’s usability and help GSSI address any major issues from the consultation period.
When the consultation period has ended, the Expert Working Groups and the Secretariat will review the comments and prepare a summary of the major issues that require specific attention during the pilot testing period. A list of all of the comments and this summary will be posted on the GSSI website at that time.

GSSI is looking forward to receive comments until August 16, 2014.

The Aquaculturists
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