Thursday, July 31, 2014

31/07/2014: Sarufutsu River 'jumping' with Itou Salmon

by Peter S. Rand, Senior Conservation Biologist
Chair, IUCN Salmonid Specialist Group


In the field of conservation, we are often faced with the question “Is a certain species or population secure?” As I mentioned in my earlier blog this year, it is not an easy question to answer, particularly for river fishes that are elusive by nature.

However, I am happy to report we are making substantial progress on answering that very question through our field studies of itou “ee-toe”, a mysterious member of the great salmon family found in east Asia.

I just recently returned back from a Fulbright fellowship in Japan and have had some time to summarize this year’s findings and reflect back on our project. We had another successful field season and I am eager to report the news.

Soon after submitting my blog to National Geographic “Water Currents” in late April, the itou arrived at our study site.  Like many populations of returning salmon, it started with a few early “pioneers”, but quickly grew to a dramatic peak.  Indeed, we broke our record for daily passage by our site, with 146 of these giants passing our site in a single day!

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