Monday, July 21, 2014

21/07/2014: Integrated tilapia farming in the desert

The US company Hungry Mother Organics of Minden in Northern Nevada has integrated fish farming with plant production - all being carried out in the desert.
Picture - courtesy Wikipedia

The company set up a water reticulation system that supports both plants and fish, namely tilapia, which has at its centre a 'liquid worm' bio-reactor that produces nitrates from the ammonia in the spent water from the fish tanks that in turn is used to irrigate the plants before being filtered over gravel and returned to the fish tanks.

Except for evaporation and plant uptake, this is an enclosed system reusing more than 90 percent of the water.

(Note: To raise Tilapia in the USA often requires a licence. To find out what is required state-by-state, visit Lakeway Tilapia.)

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