Tuesday, July 22, 2014

22/07/2014: Organic Canadian kelp available soon

Cooke Aquaculture announced it’s farmed kelp product from Bay of Fundy and certified to the Canadian Organic Aquaculture Standard will soon be available.

‘True North Salmon’ brand, which can be eaten fresh or cooked, will promote two seaweed species from the site, Alaria esculenta and Saccharina latissimi.

“Seaweeds, like kelps, are popular around the world and in North America we are discovering how easy they are to prepare and how delicious and healthy they are,” said Andrew Lively, marketing director of True North Salmon, the processing and sales arm of Cooke.

“Our sales team has been identifying a wide range of potential customers, such as chefs, restaurants and non-food sectors like the cosmetic and feed industries. We look forward to providing our first customers with organic kelps in the next few weeks.”

The Bay of Fundy site is a collaborative project between Cooke, the University of New Brunswick and Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

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